Astrology Toronto a non-profit astrological association registered in Ontario, Canada.The annual general meeting is held during the first two weeks of July on a Saturday or Sunday. It is announced via email, in the newsletter ~ MidHeaven  and on this site.                                                         The AGM usually includes a BBQ and a social time, for members.                                                                                       Our membership is open to all astrologers and astrology students at all levels.We have an annual membership from September to August.                                                                The Constitution and Bylaws are available on request to members in good standing.

4 Responses to Membership

  1. Please invoice me or otherwise adise how I can subscribe to membership. I’m not a professional astrologer, nor do I aspire to be one, however I have studied astrology for personal self Improvement. Also, I’d love to come to the BBQ July 6, 2015, just to socialize. Please advise … Greg … Greg Warren, Publisher, AtLiberty Magazine, … Text: 647-870-9434

    • astrologyto says:

      Thanks for contacting us –
      I have forwarded you by email, the link to Membership, on our website, the membership form & an invitation to the BBQ.
      Welcome – Looking forward to meeting you at the BBQ

  2. Duke Defaria says:

    Like to Join AT..How do I subscribe?

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